Common House hold pests in Australia

Pests are little migrants to our home that we don’t really want, but they’re always there waiting for an opportunity to invade. There are multiple species of them roaming all around Australia, but the following are the most common household pests that you may encounter.


About 25% of Australian household will have termites. They are one of the most destructive pests that causes an average damage of $7,000 per home. What’s worse is that they are not covered by most home insurance policies. They will primarily damage timber and wooden furniture or any other soft wood, so be sure to keep an eye on them.


Warm climate means roaches and Australia have many different species of cockroaches. They usually live in your kitchen, scavenging for food and water. They are gross and smelly and they can leave behind infectious diseases. Usually, they can be effectively controlled using baits, sprays, and roach bombs. But if left unchecked, they are able to carry out a massive infestation. If that happens, you’re going to need the help of professionals to completely exterminate them.


Rats can be commonly found in suburbs, and mostly found scavenging for anything found in people’s backyards like fruits and vegetables. They like quiet and warm places like lofts and wall cavities. Aside from feasting leftovers, fruits, and vegetables, they also love chewing on furnishings, clothes, documents, papers and other important things. Aside from their destructive behaviour, they can also cause different kinds of diseases.


They will appear in large numbers during summer days. Although they are not really much of a problem at all, your outdoor activities can be affected. You’ll also want to keep your flywire shut to keep flies outside. Another problem you can encounter with flies are the maggots that they may lay in your bin, but this can be easily avoided by wrapping any food scraps before dropping them into the bin.


They can enter houses in search for food and this could be a problem. Their nests are often located in lawns or in warm dry soil. They make sand hills which can damage your pavers, and is the worse they can do if you keep them outside. Otherwise, like we stated earlier, they could start entering your home in search for food, which could indicate a problem.


There are about 12,000 species of wasp present in Australia ranging from the smallest wasps that are barely visible to the naked eye to the larger wasps that can take down cicadas and spiders. They will destroy your garden and can be a problem when they enter your home through open windows.