How Do Pests Affect Your Pets?

Pest control does not only benefit you, it also benefits your pets. When you come home after a tiring day at work, one of the few things that can definitely relieve your stress and anxiety is your pets. With every hug and squish, you’ll feel their cuteness, warmth, and excitement after long hours of probably being alone in the house. But what if you see different pests crawling along your pets’ fur and skin? These fleas and ticks would put a damper on your bonding with your dog or cat.

Effects of pests on pets

According to, these are the usual effects of having pests (i.e. fleas and ticks) infest your furry friends.

1. They will get allergies all over the body.

Fleas and ticks can spread across the body of your pet within just a few days. They reproduce almost instantaneously. Before you know it, you’ll see your dog lying around the corner, doing nothing but scratching its body.

How does this happen? As you all know, pests are parasites, and hence, they feed on the blood of your dog or cat. Each time they suck on to the skin of your pet, they inject their saliva in their body. These fluids contain substances that are allergenic to your pets. Flea allergy dermatitis and reactions to tick bites can seriously affect your pets.

2. Biting and itching cause wounds.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in order for your pets to sooth the itchiness, they will scratch their bodies and oftentimes, bite some parts of their skin causing wounds. These wounds can be vulnerable to infection and cause great pain to your pet. No pet owner wants to see their dogs or cats suffering from this great pain. It’s not only the wounds that you would see, you would also hear them moan and cry.

3. Pests can also cause anaemia.

Yes, you read that right. Not only humans are diagnosed with anaemia but also animals. These parasites also affect the blood volume of your pets. Usually, this would bring about stress, weakness, and loss of appetite. Because of this, your dog or cat will not be able to play with you or run along the streets. Lastly, severe anaemia can also cause death among animals when too much blood has been lost.

4. They can experience tick paralysis.

Grave infestation of these pests, particularly ticks, can bring about paralysis among pets. The toxins injected by the pests to your pet’s body can cause disease in the nerves. This disease is aptly called tick paralysis and it hinders the connection between the spinal cord and the muscles causing a loss, or slowing down, of voluntary movement.

Pests bring so much devastation to animals and their health. Hence, it is recommended by veterinarians that regular check-up should be done by pet owners to avoid large scale infestations.

As for you, the pet owner, it’s best to take preventive measures in the form of pest control. Make sure to trust only one name when it comes to safe and effective pest control in Hunter Valley. Contact Ian King Pest Control today.