Termites Control Northern Beaches

Are you worried about the damage that termites can do to your furniture, decorations, doors and windows? Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world which is why you have a right to be worried about the damage caused. It really goes without saying that each year termites do billions of dollars worth of structural damage to property owners around the world. While most people have no problem identifying a termite or a termite infestation, many often mistake termites for other common pests. In our years of providing termite control in Northern Beaches, we strongly believe that the best way to get rid of termites is to prevent them in the first place. Consider the fact that termites rarely make their way through the soil, food sources or mud tubes, though they may be tunneling through it. So, the source of the infestation can be totally different.

Identifying termites

The problem with a termite infestation is that most people may not even be aware of the problem until they suddenly see a swarm or they see a damaged structure. There are a number of things that home and business owners can do to identify if they  have a termite problem. One way is to look for creamy, and small insects. It would also be worth probing any exposed wood to see if there are hollow spots using a screwdriver. At times ant swarms may look similar to termite swarms which is why many home owners are often mistaken. This is why it’s always a good idea to call in experts like us to examine your home.

The best termite extermination

At Ian King Pest Control, we and our team has been exterminating termites for a very long time. We have over the years helped dozens of home owners from across the get rid of and then prevent termites from getting into their homes. That said termites are extremely resilient and they can be tricky to completely remove as we have witnessed. However, we have always assured our clients of not just completely removing termites but also using a number of methods which prevents their return. This is why we have rarely if ever received a call from a home or business owner complaining that the termites returned just a few months later, which can often be the case with low quality services.

The fact that we take our time to ensure that our termite control in Northern Beaches is the best it why we can, guarantee that you’re saving a lot in the way of property damage and stress. That said we strongly urge our clients to call us as soon as they suspect that termites may be beginning to take over their home or they spot damage done by termites. We can then come and start investigating to work on a solution.

If you are looking for high quality termite control in Northern Beaches, then call Ian King Pest Control Services today at 0419 422 460 or quotes. You are also welcome to send us a message about our services or to get a quote directly via our online form and we will make it a point to get in touch with you ASAP, with anything you need to make the right decision.