Termites In Your Home

According to a ‘Termite Hazard Map’ supplied by CSIRO Australia, Sydney and surrounding areas are at high risk of termite damage.  However, although the coastal areas and northern parts of the country are generally regarded as ‘high hazard areas for subterranean termite infestation’, timber damage occurs throughout mainland Australia.

So what does this mean?  Subterranean termites are usually ground-dwellers needing contact with the soil or some constant source of moisture – and they are the main threat posed to timber in buildings.

So in these ‘high hazard’ areas, timber houses – or any houses with timber in it – are all affected, as termites live off the cellulose in wood and will ferociously chew through all your timber: from flooring, timber bearers, floor and ceiling joists, through to timber trims and wallboards.  They have hard, saw toothed jaws that constantly bite off tiny pieces of wood. (The worst part is, they feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week!) So, as you can see, over time this will result in the weakening – and loss – of structural strength, which will then result in major repairs.

Even steel framed homes are prone to termite damage – all homes contain some timber, including skirting boards, paper backed gyprock (plasterboard), cupboards etc.

Unfortunately, even concrete slabs do not protect your home against a termite attack, as termites can travel underground, and can get through cracks in your concrete slab.

Termites have hard saw toothed jaws that work like shears, biting off tiny fragments of wood, bit by bit. As they live off the cellulose in wood they will constantly chew through flooring, timber bearers, floor and ceiling joists, timber trims and wallboards. Over time the most serious damage they cause is loss of structural strength, and structural damage is expensive to repair.

Termite inspection

It is extremely important to have a termite inspection of your home, especially if you have just purchased a home – or even if you have owned your home for a while – and then to have regular inspections.

The ‘Australian standard AS3660.2 for Termite inspections’ advises, if you live in a high risk area (especially in bushland) or one which is known to have termites, to have a termite inspection every 6 to 12 months.  If you do not live in a bushy area, an inspection every 12 months is advised.  If left unchecked, termite damage can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  In very extreme cases, houses need to be demolished!

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