Where to Find a Cockroach Hideout?

Finding cockroaches doesn’t require you to employ the best of tools and have the best of instincts. Most of the time, they can be found in pantries, countertops and kitchen appliances at night. In order to eradicate cockroaches, you need to find their hideout and destroy them right there to prevent them from reproducing any further. A neglected cockroach infestation could make your house a large castle for them, so at the first signs of these filthy insects, you need to start taking action.

Let’s take a further look into some of the most common places where cockroaches hide.


This is the number one and the first place to check for cockroach infestation. This makes a perfect place for a cockroach hideout because there’s an easy access to food and water. They could be found inside the sinks or even inside the pipes located down under as remnant food and/or dirty dishes are often found there. Pantries and cabinets also make a perfect hideout for them due to the lack of lighting (roaches hate light). They could also be found underneath appliances like refrigerators or the dishwasher.

Paper Stacks

Do you have a lot of paper stacks in your home? Perhaps you have a home office where you keep a lot of papers or maybe an archive of documents. You could be surprised to see a couple of cockroaches crawling away if you browse through your large pile of paper. They love to feast on any kind of paper and this can be very annoying and destructive, especially if they munched down an important document. Keep these things away from the floor and stack them in a tight bundle. A drawer might also be of help to protect them from cockroaches.


You’ll find a lot of cockroaches hiding in the ceiling especially of dark rooms. They could even drop down any second. If you found cockroaches in the ceiling, then it’s most likely because your ceiling had cracks or areas of detailing like crown molding where they would emerge from at night and return to when daylight comes.


We love comfy furniture. But the bad news is that the cockroaches love them too. They could lay their eggs there which will be ready to hatch in weeks, producing thousands of young ones ready to pester you once they mature enough. These eggs could also be found under the tables and other wooden furniture. But the good news is that they can be easily destroyed before they go full adult.

One of the best ways to get rid of a cockroach infestation is to destroy them at their core.